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Dennis Anderson
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Dennis Anderson Three of the most talented musicians and songwriters I have ever known and had the pleasure of calling friends. The music is new and different, but at the same time cuts deep into the roots of rock and beyond. If you ever have a chance to see them live, TAKE IT! Favorite track: Toothe Ache.
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released January 29, 2016

The Barrelhousers are:
Freddie Dilworth
Freeman Land
Ryan Peña

Recorded by Ryan Peña in Fullerton, CA in various parts of his home
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Fredrick at 3pt Studios in Long Beach, CA
Produced by The Barrelhousers and Brian Frederick

Artwork by Dave Van Patten



all rights reserved


The Barrelhousers Long Beach, California

We make music at varying volumes. Call it what you will, rock, blues, rock 2, harsh bounce.
Peace friends.

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Track Name: Never Changed My Mind
There is a light, that only shines for you
In the night, you will know it’s true.
There is a fire, burning deep inside,
And it won’t stop burning, not till you hold me tight.

‘cross the land, ‘cross the sea,
There’s no place to rest for me,
I tried to run, I tried to hide,
But I never changed my mind.

Down to the river, you know I’m bound to go,
Pray for me, and save my soul.
Into the water, I will be diving down,
Make me clean, so I can paint this town.

And in the end, I still can’t see,
Any way, to get where I should be.
People say, that you are dead and gone,
With my love, I know you still go on.
Track Name: Back and Forth
Sister can you hold this grudge for me?
Take it right out of my hands,
It’s been too long, I’m not that strong,
And I think I’m sinking into the sand.
Baby can you clean my mind for me,
Or give me your little pill,
If you’re not up above then you’re making love,
Or you’re fighting, or you’re sitting still.

You’re sitting still,
You’re sitting, so very still.

Radio’s blasting all the time,
Everything I do and say,
Make a connection in a different direction,
When you need something clever to say,
I gave up trying to do things for you,
Such a long time ago,
I stared at the sun since age begun,
And there’s only one thing I know.

You don’t know, just what I’m saying.
I don’t know just what, I’m saying.

I’m so surprised, I realize,
I’m so surprised, open my eyes,
Open my eyes, and I close my eyes.

I just want to love you,
You tell me you need some space,
When I come to your door and I’m begging for more,
I can see the little sign in your face,
What are you trying to tell me baby?
Well I’m hoping that it’s something good,
I hear your voice, I just make the choice,
And it comes out the way it should.

You don’t know just what you’re doing.
I don’t know just what you’re doing.

I’m so surprised, open my eyes,
I’m so surprised, I realize that I

Should realize.
Track Name: King Of Nothing

My father caught the cancer,
My mother caught the plague,
I drove away my lover,
I was in a jealous rage,
Well now we’re going backwards,
And we don’t have a shot,
Like the king of nothing,
Hard luck is what I got.

Play that role walk from pole to pole,
Time goes blind lagging behind,
Lucky old soul rock that boat,
Then come on home.

Cause now we’re going backward,
And we don’t have a shot,
Like the king of nothing,
You know that’s what I got.
Track Name: Life For The Gun
Well I know that you’re faithfully bound,
To follow footprints in the sand,
To say it’s divine or of grandiose design,
To bury an innocent man.
Your renegade conscience perceives,
That luxury is just your right,
To dismantle and shun all the good that’s been done,
But I’ll never live life for the gun.

My words have been spoken for me,
By drunkards on liberty’s wine,
And a person’s soul value’s now toil and rue,
Save for profiteers of their bloodline.
Those vain proclaimers of freedom,
Are greed and hypocrisy’s slaves,
And then blood that has run is now honored by none,
And I’ll never live life for the gun.

All those tracks that you trail from then long ago,
Washed away by the waters of time,
Left a world yet unknown where stagnation and rote,
Left you to be swept by the tide,
But the path that was laid led to valleys abroad,
So why cry when one foot’s out of line?
Don’t hold back the dawn 'cause you’re scared to move on,
When others still wait for the light.

The petulant holler and howl,
Those simple minds take arms and say,
“People are flawed so divide them abroad,
Lest united under earl grey.”
They whisper their rumors of doom,
But if doom truly comes to our shores,
I’ll follow the sun amidst fife and the drum,
But I’ll never live life for the gun.
Track Name: Toothe Ache
I'm praying to plastic. I should be forsaken.
If I'm made of stone, then why's my heart breakin'?
To faux fortune tellers, to sisters and brothers:
Real men make good fathers. Forget about mothers.

Keep this in mind, you wasted my time.

I've got nothing left to give. It's all done for me.
Take my love, take my life, take my trust, take my hope (or what's left),
and I'll keep to my self.

Keep this in mind, you(r) waste(d)(in') my time.
Track Name: Live For Free
You say I look different, say you can’t relate,
You say I look different, say you can’t relate,
Well I’m not so different, I’m just in a different state.
You can love your life now, that’s alright with me,
You can live and love your life now, that’s alright with me.
You can love your life but, you cannot live for free.

Don’t know what to do,
Let’s do it together,
Look for something new,
But we do it forever.

You told your daughter it’s what inside that counts,
Well I’m looking through you, and you can count me out.

You don’t need plastic, that’s not where it’s at,
It’s just your vessel, and you just think it looks like that.

I wait for the next thing, that’s how we all behave,
You wait for the next thing, that’s how you all behave,
You wait for the next thing, until you lay down in your grave.

And I’ll tell you why…
Track Name: Beggars and Burnouts
Maybe tomorrow
Will end all your sorrow
She whispered once the day was done
Searched a long while
For a trace of her smile
Fading like the setting sun

Surrogate starlight
Through city and car-light
Glistening like a second sky
Lovingly jaded
But recklessly faded
Scrounging for that fleeting high

Now I smoke my hours away
'Cause I was stronger yesterday
I've got nothing left to say
To anyone at all

A record turnout
Of beggars and burnouts
Part of the city's grim display
Simple solutions
Bored revolutions
It can all wait another day

A dubious kiss
To regret in remiss
Although it made up for long lost years
Dearly departed
But not brokenhearted
I've withheld far too many tears

And though you stand out from the crowd
It's just to make yourself feel proud
There's not a lot that ain't allowed
If anything at all

You may think your vision's clear
Well, I'm not done living in fear
I will not think about it here
Or anywhere at all

Or anywhere at all
Track Name: Sexy Tunes
Dance with me baby, and stay with me tonight,
You’re the only one I want, come on and hold tight.
I been to the north,
I been to the south,
I been to see the gypsy and she showed me how,
So won’t you? Stay with me tonight.

Dance with me baby, don’t give yourself the blues,
I give you all my money, and I get you.
She talks to the river, she talks to the trees,
She talks to the moon, but she don’t talk to me,
So don’t you? Give yourself the blues.

Dance with me baby, and leave the rest behind,
Once you barrelhouse, I know you’ll never change your mind.
It’s good for the body,
It’s good for the soul,
It’s good to have a little bit of rock and roll,
So won’t you? Leave the rest behind.
Track Name: Bright Morning
Early bird, wake the world, sing for everyone,
Take my hand, by me stand, faces to the sun,
Bright morning is coming, my friend,
Bright morning is coming, I just don’t know when

Take your time, change your mind, wait until your day,
For yourself, drink a health, for your children pray,
Bright morning is coming, again.
Bright morning is coming, I just don’t know when.